Concentration in Data Science

As a part of BİLGİ Industrial Engineering undergraduate curriculum, we offer a Concentration in Data Science consisting of the following elective courses: 

Upon successful completion of these three elective courses, students can be confident that they have taken a strong set of courses to support their interest in Data Science. Interested students are also encouraged to write their Senior Design Projects with a dsOpt faculty member.  

Concentration in Data Science comes with an official Data Science Certificate. Students who earn a minimum grade of A- in all dsOpt courses (IE 421, IE 422, IE 423) will be awarded the certificate. Additionally, successful concentration students can expect a strong recommendation letter from dsOpt faculty.

Certificates Awarded

NameYear Awarded
Ahmet Selimhan Şahin2023
Doğaç Nihat Keleş2023
Eray Aktaş2023
Muhammet Ahmet Onur2023