Industry Collaborations

Some Selected Works

Fraud Detection in Automobile Insurance Claims at Anadolu Sigorta

Natural Language Processing, Long Short-Term Memory, Fraud Detection

Revenue Estimation Model for Serviced Apartments of NewInn Using Hedonic Pricing and Machine Learning

Hedonic Pricing, Data Visualization, Machine Learning

Determining Insurance Premium for Musical Instruments Using Machine Learning and Metaheuristic Algorithms at Zuhal Muzik

Natural Language Processing, Google BERT, Kernel Machines, Artificial Neural Network

Enhancing the Donation Process in Fazla Gıda by Using Machine Learning Algorithm

Data Visualization, Recommendation System, Clustering, Interactive Dashboard

Sentiment Analysis for Chatbot Texts at Anadolu Sigorta

Lexicon-Based Modeling, Google BERT, Artificial Neural Network

Developing a New Traffic Insurance Premium Pricing Model for Şeker Sigorta

Data Visualization, Explanatory Data Analysis, Identifying Risks by Classification, Pricing

An integrated credit scoring and crowdfunding framework for SMEs at Lending Club

Classification, Support Vector Machine, Artificial Neural Network, Random Forest, Genetic Algorithm